Application Solutions

Extend TEK builds custom developed software for web, data and mobile applications. We integrate software through best of breed open standards.

We are an experienced systems builder integrator with extensive experience in enterprise Java, Oracle and open source technologies.

Our team can build and maintain your applications for you either on premise or hosted in the cloud and managed by Extend TEK on your behalf. Projects are managed by Extend TEK from start to finish.

  • Vision and scope
  • User interface design.
  • Prototyping and proof of concept.
  • Application and system design.
  • Software engineering and systems integration.
  • Quality assurance testing and user acceptance review.
  • Rollout and deployment.
  • Application maintenance and support.
  • Application hosting in the cloud.

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Mobile Solutions

Extend TEK can help you build smart mobile applications that share data and services with your enterprise systems across Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft platforms.

What is your mobile strategy and did you know that you needed one?

Anyone can build a mobile app.... right?

Sure, anyone can build a mobile app for a particular platform and sell it on an app store. However, that doesn't mean they are the right ones to build your mobile apps especially if you want smart ones that are not standalone islands in the open skies of the cloud.

A mobile application is still just an application. In the old days we would refer to a mobile app as a fat client. If they spoke to centralised, remote software then it would be referred to as a client server application. Starting to sound familiar?

In today's world there are many platforms to develop for including Apple, Android, Blackberry and let's not forget Microsoft. How do you build smart apps that leverage shared corporate services, shared data and ideally a shared codebase? How do you integrate them into your enterprise so that whether you are sitting at your desktop, using a tablet or mobile phone everything is synchronized and working as it should be?

At Extend TEK we have a gameplan for mobile solutions. Do you?

We can build mobile applications for you and integrate them into your enterprise so that they are now an extension of your existing investments and not a series of isolated islands floating in the cloud.

We can help you with the following:

  • Build and manage your mobile applications across all major mobile platforms on your behalf. This will include managing support updates and all correspondance with the platform stores including Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft.
  • Provide and manage a mobile management hub with a web based console to allow authorised administrators to manage key aspects of their mobile platforms including content updates to the mobile device.
  • Integrate our mobile management hub into your backend systems through use of secure web services or batch file processing. This provides one point of integration between the mobile application and your organization.

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Cloud Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving landscape you have to do more than just talk about the cloud... you have to be able to soar in it!

Extend TEK can help you to achieve success in the cloud by lowering your total cost of ownership and accelerating delivery.

What is the big deal about the cloud?

What is the cloud? Is it just another fancy buzz word that has caught on with marketing folks or is it something more?

Hosted software, Software as a Services (SaaS) and now the cloud has come along. What is the big deal right? It's all the same or is it?

Extend TEK see's the true value of the cloud as the ability to lower your total cost of ownership and achieve quicker turn around in IT based projects. Whether you are leveraging cloud based software for CRM, HR and document management or you are seeking pay by the minute usage of new server infrastructure the benefits remain the same - lower initial capital expenditures with a faster start up.

Extend TEK can help you navigate the turbulance in the cloud to achieve the benefits you seek.

Some examples of how we can help you manage the cloud include:

  • Help you plan and execute on a cloud strategy that works for your organization.
  • Help you with a cloud vendor evaluation for software or virtualized server services.
  • Host an application or set of services for you through one of our cloud hosting partners.
  • Leverage cloud computing for additional processing power to manage and report on big data in your company.

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